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Discover, delight in and distribute XocaiTM. The new healthy chocolate.

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(July 11, 2009)—Imagine a chocolate so healthy, it's actually physically, mentally and emotionally beneficial to indulge in it on a regular basis. Thanks to a proprietary way of blending cacao, acai and blueberries—the three most effective antioxidants while in their purest form—XocaiTM (pronounced "sho-sigh") has coined the market for producing and distributing healthy chocolate.

Found in very few tropical regions throughout the world, cacao was originally used for medicinal purposes. But, thanks to modern technology and commercialism in later centuries, the late 1800s and beyond witnessed the development of chocolate products that were far from healthy.

"By the 1950s, chocolate had completely lost its association with health and healing," says Steven Warren, M.D., D.P.A. in a recent update on healthy chocolate. "Many of today's famous chocolate companies got their start during the Great Depression, known to those in business as the 'hungry thirties' due to the popularity of this cheap diversion from the doldrums of everyday life during the economic crisis."

With obesity rates skyrocketing in the U.S., 24 million Americans suffering from Type 2 diabetes and more than 910,000 people expectedd to die this year from heart disease according to the American Heart Association, Dr. Warren can't help but ask, "Are we experiencing the 'hungry 2000s' today?"

No doubt the popularity of chocolate in its sinful form tends to be among the most convenient choices for energy boosts and soul comfort. A chocolate-glazed donut for breakfast, an iced mocha after lunch, a nibble from a box of chocolates while in the office, chocolate cake for dessert. Yes, all of these might give us our short-term highs. But what goes up, must come down. Unless it's the numbers we see while standing on the scale.

That's where a healthy chocolate alternative comes in. Xocai—offered as nuggets, cookies, bite-sized squares, protein bars and a beverage—is surprisingly delectable. I tasted some samplings this month thanks to Barbara Hanna, a Southern-California distributor, who started selling Xocai with her husband as a home-based multilevel marketing business.

And how Barbara stumbled into selling Xocai, is an interesting story on its own.

Not quite knowing what to expect, Hanna—also a Councilmember for the City of Banning—was given a Xocai brochure from a local restaurant owner. A chocolate lover, and a curious one at that, Hanna decided to order some products online.

Two weeks later, while on an evening stroll with her husband, Hanna—a mother of adult children and one who had not done much cardio exercise in years—had the sudden urge to jog. Hanna was convinced it was her daily intake of Xocai that had given her a sudden burst of energy, but one that did not result in a predictable sugar crash hours later.

Hanna was not only sold on the idea of consuming Xocai products on a regular basis, but she decided to become a part of this healthy-chocolate revolution by joining the business.

ORAC + Flavonoids = The Stuff

While Xocai holds the patent for its unique way of processing its chocolate, the explanation for why the products are effective is simple:

  • Xocai is high in antioxidants, which in turn combats free radicals that cause aging and can result in more than 200 degenerative diseases.
  • ORAC. Because Xocai products are high in antioxidants, they are high in oxygen radical absorbance capacity—ORAC—which the USDA uses to measure antioxidants. The USDA recommends the consumption of at least 3,000 ORAC each day but studies show consuming 10,000 ORAC on a daily basis can be very beneficial. The latter levels are what Xocai customers will consume.
  • Cacao is a rich source of flavonoids, also an antioxidant. Dark chocolate—generally a healthier form of chocolate—has been known to be high in flavonols. Xocai products contain anywhere from 336 mg to more than 1,000 mg of flavanoids.
  • Very natural. "The cacao in Xocai products is non-alkalized, unfermented, sun-dried, non-roasted, and cold-pressed," a process that results in twice the levels of antioxidants normally found in dark chocolate.

The Xocai Buzz

Xocai has several athletic sponsors who reap the benefits of a its daily regimen. Retired NFL Wide Receiver J.J. Birden says Xocai has helped relieve a significant amount of joint discomfort. Wally Joyner, retired MLB player and batting coach for the league, planned to try Xocai for only six weeks. But was hooked after he saw improved results in his regular physicals. Erica Witter, an olympic medalist and doctor of chiropractic medicine noticed an increase in energy and decrease in muscle soreness. And 70-year-old Sven Tumba, a former captain for the Swedish ice hockey Olympic team, former player for the Swedish soccer team and golfer, says Xocai not only gives him energy but "has also vastly improved his digestive system."

Yes, there's even a cookbook.

What's even better about all of this, is even with its astounding health benefits, one can consume Xocai in the same way he or she enjoys his favorite desserts and treats.

Become a customer or distributor and you'll have access to a number of resources to help you sell and consume. In addition to seminars, training materials and DVDs, you can get your hands on a Xocai cookbook, where pages are laced with tasty recipes for chocolate desserts using Xocai products. Granted, in addition to the ORAC and flavonoids, you might take in a good share of fat and sugar, but come on, Xocai Chocolate Cake (yes there is a recipe for it), that might be a little hard to pass up.

And Councilmember Barabara Hanna assures me it's a lot easier to consume healthy chocolate throughout the day, on a daily basis, that it might sounds. After tasting Xocai and learning of its benefits, somehow I believe her.

To learn more, become a distributor or to place an order, visit Banning Chocolate.

Editor's note: Special thanks to Councilwoman Barbara Hanna for her lovely salmon salad as featured in this month's "All the Presidents' Foods," featuring the foods of the second U.S. President John Adams.

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