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Several talented writers and thinkers contribute to Astute: author-photographer Phillip Roberts, my colleague from my radio days in San Francisco. He writes an entertaining and resourceful column on Hawai'i travel.

Chef Jud Kilgore, with whom I go way back to our junior high days. He infuses his off-beat but spot-on observations in his writings about sweets. And my brother Michael Leon Guerrero, who shows up occasionally to write about sports.

For our launch issue, Christian Z, producer and blogger of U.S. Mex Food (dot com) joined us to talk about Disney and California.

Thanks to the contributors and the inspiration that comes from great food, lovely scenery, good times, great ideas and well-recorded history, we can continue to write articles that lead to tasty dishes, fun times in leisure and travel and an expanded mind.


Christian Z.

Steven M. Thomas

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