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Baking Bread: An Interview with Jennifer Moore

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(August 25, 2008)—All I can say is, I'd love to be Jennifer Moore's next-door neighbor. I mean come on, with a home-based business that consists of baking fresh bread and cinnamon rolls for distribution around the country, the aromas wafting from her place must be ever so enticing.

Not to mention, she offers a unique product: breads and rolls that are eggless, with no preservatives and based on her family recipes. Since starting her business, Jennifer has wowed fresh bread lovers from California to Arizona to Virginia, where she resides. A great idea for gift-buying!

Jennifer will be an exhibitor at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Washington, D.C. this November 8-9.

"At events where I sell my products, if customers bite into my bread or cinnamon rolls, smile and say, 'This reminds me of when my grandma made bread and cinnamon rolls,' I know I did my job." 

Jennifer and I connected on FohBoh, the online restaurant network. I've been intrigued with her business ever since, so I invited her to chat with me about Baking Bread LLC.

FOODIE: What inspired Baking Bread LLC?

JENNIFER: My grandmother always made such good bread and I wanted to learn how to do it. She never measured anything because great cooks never measure anything, they just know. Since many generations of women in my family never measured anything, I had to be the first to break down these recipes and measure the ingredients—all while keeping the same taste my family has enjoyed for generations. I started improvising with flavors and did sample tastings with my husband and friends. They loved what I made and talked me into selling my bread and cinnamon rolls. I use my grandmother's face as my logo because if it weren't for her allowing me to watch her cook and bake while I was growing up, my products would not be as good as they are today.

FOODIE: How long have you been in business? 

JENNIFER: Baking Bread LLC has been in business a little more than a year and has gotten great exposure thus far. People love our products!

FOODIE: What's it like preparing the bread and shipping it, since freshness is a big deal?

Photos: 1) Gift-wrapped rosemary loaf. 2) The Baking Bread LLC logo featuring an image of Jennifer's grandmother. 3) The rosemary loaf, sliced.

JENNIFER: Every step of the process is done by hand: scooping and measuring the ingredients, mixing the wet ingredients into the flour and kneading the dough to create the right consistency. A lot of love goes into my baking. I allow my dough to rise and I hand roll the dough for my cinnamon rolls and hand form it for my loaves. I package my products by hand and always put a gold sticker that says homemade on it so the person receiving it will know they are receiving wonderfully packaged goods. I finish up the packaging by tying a yellow ribbon on the box, then ship out my orders the next morning using USPS priority. It usually 2 to 3 business days for my products to arrive.

FOODIE: What is the shelf-life of your products?

JENNIFER: Well, my products don't contain preservatives so they usually last for about one week but if refrigerated, they can last a little longer. All of my products except the chocolate rolls freeze very well and come out like the first day when unthawed.

JENNIFER: Well, it really wasn’t done on purpose. My ancestors ate what they could afford and eggs weren't on that list! They learned to bake and cook with what they had. I just kept the tradition going because it was something I didn' want to break. A lot of people are amazed I don’t use eggs in my bread. Eggs make a difference in how bread is formed but the less cholesterol, the better!

To order scrumptious breads and rolls from Baking Bread LLC, visit click here.

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