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Potato pancakes: Entrée or appie?

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(March 26, 2008)—Either one, I say, after joyously experimenting with various presentation and plating styles. The recipe I used came straight from The New Good Housekeeping Cookbook (Hearst, 1986).

Very simple, no frills. Only time-consuming thanks to the potato and onion gratin'. But boy did I have fun, and were they ever delicious. I learned a lot while making them too. Commonly associated with Jewish and Polish traditions, Potato Latkes are often enjoyed during Hannakah. When I first tried them, it was at a deli in Times Square. Now I get to eat them locally at the Irish bar (go figure) Muldoon's in Newport Beach, Calif. It was there when I first tasted them with lox and capers. Ever since, it's been a match made in Heaven!

While I picture them above as an entrée, I toyed around with presentation styles that would make them a fun tray passer at any shindig. So easy to do:

  • Just cut pancakes in thin strips and spread each one with sour cream
  • Lay small slices of lox on each strip and top with capers
  • They look attractive and each bite provides a rich and savory flavor you won't forget
  • With an edible flower as a garnish, your guests will rate your party as the place to be

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