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Simply Chamorro: Chicken n' Finadene

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chamorro food chicken finaden

(March 3, 2008)— One of my favorite Chamorro food recipes: barbecued chicken, white rice and finadene. Barbecued meats and finadene are the basics of Chamorro cooking. Once you've worked with both, you're on your way to learning how to make one of the most popular dishes of Guam—kelaguen. You can also use the marinade recipe for barbecued ribs, another Chamorro favorite.

This meal was prepared by my parents and it was so easy: They cut a whole chicken and marinated the pieces in soy sauce, fresh lemon juice, crushed black pepper, onions and one clove of crushed garlic. After several hours, my dad barbecued it.

The finadene (finn-uh'-denny) pictured above on the left was prepared using reduced-sodium soy sauce by Trader Joe's, lemon juice, sliced onions and crushed red chilis. Vegetarians can enjoy a simple, flavorful and healthy meal of rice and finadene.

But overall, with fresh ingredients, you can enjoy a savory and nourishing meal.

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