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Angels, Yankees and Sliders

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(Sept. 14, 2008)—That's what I'm talking about.

My brothers and I managed to catch the Angels vs. Yankees game last Monday night. You know, the one where Pudge Hunter pushed Yankees catcher Ivan Rodriguez out of frustration and insult while trying to make it to homeplate for a run. (The night we grieved the Raider loss to big-time rivals Denver Broncos 41-14, ouch). With all of the players from both teams swarming from out of the dugout and the pen, we were sure there was going to a massive on-field melee.

But there wasn't. And supposedly Pudge and Rodriguez, after ejected from the game, hugged and made up.

So in the vein of really cool restaurants and pro-sports teams partnerships, the Irvine-based Claim Jumper offers up free sliders to Angel ticket holders if the Angels get 10 runs. That night, may I say with pride, the Angels spanked the Yankees with a 12-1 win. Since the offer lasts for 24 hours, I shamelessly went in for my sliders the very next day. Of course, it was easy to spot game ticket holders who were taking advantage of the same special, while shamelessly wearing Angels colors.

What's a slider?

Put simply, it's a mini-hamburger and an order usually includes two to three on a plate. Think J. Wellington Wimpy, the comic strip character known as Popeye the Sailor Man's friend. Often seen mowing on a plate of burgers, Wimpy always had a way of making those tiny burgers look so appetizing.

If you're on portion control, as I am right now, you can enjoy one slider, guilt-free, and take the other to go. Claim Jumper also serves up those fabulously spiced up fries, so discipline is necessary to stop eating them.

If you find yourself holding a winning-Angel ticket for Claim Jumper grub (Hooters is running a special with them too for guest what? Ding, ding, ding: buffalo wings), know that you need to order-in to enjoy the special.

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