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JUDY'S TABLE: june 2009

The "French" in French Toast, with Champagne

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Delicious. French toast. But look at what else was included in our breakfast spread.

My brother Mike and sister-in-law Paty prepared this wonderful meal this week after their recent return from Paris. Yes, that is champagne you see on the table. Cuvée Marie-Louise, which they enjoyed during a tasting.

Paty used fresh French bread to prepare the main course. As for the bacon, it was a mess-free process for preparing. She and Mike baked the strips at 350 degrees F for a minimum of 10 minutes. After that, it's a matter of keeping an eye on them, otherwise the strips can burn quickly and without warning. This cooking method results in fabulous flat strips of bacon, more meaty than if it were fried, and of course a grease-free stovetop.

In case you were wondering, yes there was cinnamon on our French toast.

Lost but now it's found

In his bio, pastry chef Jud Kilgore says he could eat French toast anytime of the day. What a coincidence the dish was on the plate for me this month. Jud explains French toast is really known as "le pain perdu," meaning "lost bread."

In France, in order to get more mileage out of their bread, one only need to soak it in egg (with a custard consistency). Day-old bread is more firm than fresh, and therefore requires a longer soak before placing on the pan.

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