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Micro-pinions: Stimulus. Facebook. 'A Class Apart.' And more.

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(Feb. 18, 2009)—


Just when I was getting excited that I could monitor state accountability with regard to the $787-billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, it turns California's stimulus is still in a stalemate thanks to the pending absence of one GOP vote. From the San Francisco Chronicle.


"I know this is a big task but I would love to see how Republicans on both the state and federal level allocate the money in their home districts, given the fact hardly any of them voted for it," says José Bravo of the Just Transition Alliance. "These same people will probably benefit from the funding in one way or the other.  They were difficult throughout the whole negotiation process but they should remember who's accountable for getting us here."

Facebook saving face?

It seems like just yesterday people were wanting to pinch the rosey cheeks of precocious techno-geek and Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg. Now, many on the social network have raised their voices over Facebook 's latest Terms of Service, which said--among other things--this month Facebook would claim ownership of all content, and maintain that ownership even if members cancelled their profiles. All over the news today were Zukerberg's apology and statement that Facebook is amending its TOS. From Mother Jones (great article!).

PBS to air 'A Class Apart.'

On Feb. 23, PBS's American Experience will air A Class Apart--a one-hour long documentary exposing legal injustices against the Mexican American community in the late 1800s through the 1950s. The film begins with the details leading to the landmark civil rights case Hernandez v. Texas and takes viewers through the struggles affecting Mexican Americans that have had lasting impacts on civil rights today. From LatinoLA!

Pet stains on your carpet?

I'm not sure if this works with urine but it certainly worked for me after Latte had (ahem) the runs. My friend Ava gave me the magic potion. Mix baking soda with distilled white vinegar and use a brush to remove the stain. I had a glass of water and paper towel handy to rinse and wipe the brush in between applications and scrubs. Be sure to do this when your carpet has dried. It's so simple!

Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Finally.

Addicts will be glad to know the season premiers on Sunday, April 19 at 9/8 central on the USA Network.

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