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Three things Raider fans need for the 2009-2010 NFL season.

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Photo: By Flickr user the_junes. Used with permission. The Black Hole, Oakland Colisuem.

Raider fans, the past six years have been pretty dreary for the Silver and Black. But the team looks good in the pre-season with new draft picks and despite rumors about Coach Cable's angry pounce on Randy Hanson. To help the Raiders keep the momentum going, below are three items for Raider-faithful to watch, read, buy or borrow to get in the zone for NFL season 2009-2010:

Raiders: The Complete History

This two-disc-DVD set looks at the birth of the Raiders, stemming from 1960, starting with the American Football League awarding Oakland a football franchise, later John Madden's reign as coach, helping the Silver and Black earn the reputation for the "best football in the biggest games," through the 1970s, 80s, 1990 and early oughts, when the Raiders were AFC Western Division Champions. Bonus features highlight the team's rivalries and Al Davis' retrospective on equal opportunity and reclamation projects. (Warner Bros. / NFL 2004).

Better to Reign in Hell: Inside the Raiders Fan Empire

With a title influenced by Satan in Milton's Paradise Lost,"Better to Reign in Hell" presents an entertaining but poignant look into the Raiders-fans culture. Embedded in this book is commentary about the fans' diversity and the passionate loyalty of Davis and the Raiders organization. While praising Davis' shamelessly honest business approach, authors Kelly Mayhew and Jim Miller say, "The joke isn't on the Raiders fans who root for the charming rogue, but on all the other people who think that their team is cleaner or that any of the corporations they entrust to entertain, employ, sustain, and protect them operates by some nicer set of rules."(The New Press 2005).

The Raiders Fan Code of Conduct

Plan on catching a game in Oakland this season? Well, I know first-hand you can take a fan out of Raider Nation, but you can't take the Raider Nation out of a fan. There's a video PSA contest happening this season to reflect the Raiders fan code of conduct. Learn more here.


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